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    OH make the backup but in case you haven't already before you make any changes Suse will make a backup of the last version before the last back that up if you already messed with the original

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    Never got this too work! any step-by-steps out ther that u used to set this up

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    Not really...

    All you need to do is tell postfix to listen to outside connections and tell it what domain it is the mail server for...

  4. $spacer_open
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    When I send email from my box now I get this:

    I changed the hostame to "www" and left my domainname as "

    I"'ve edited the and set it up like yours.

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    Check your $mydomain settings

    It appears you have the there as opposed to just the

    If you post your CF it might be easier to tell you where you went wrong...
    It's also possible that you have defined mydomain twice as Suse yast will define it and if you have two entries the suse entries will override them...

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