Hi People,

I'm mostly a windows guy, but im making the effort to learn more about linux.

We have two seperate networks connected to the internet via a single router which has a single internet connection. Each LAN has a gateway machine configured differently for the networks needs (port forwarding etc...) The problem we have is if one network has someone downloading an rather large file 1GB + it not only slows down the network for the people on that persons network but also for the people or services on the other network connected through the same router.

I would like to be able to throttle the bandwith of each gateway machine to %50 of the availbe bandwith. This way one LAN would not be effect so much by the other one over using the bandwidth.

Each of our Gateway machines is a red hat linux distro 3.3.2-1

Any suggestions on how I would do this... or alternative ideas?