'm trying to set up a POP3s frontend mail server using the standard postfix package for RHE3 and UW-IMAP with POP3 using TLS/SSL. everything seems to be working ok on the server, it's accepting mail and putting into the mailbox, but i can't connect to the server using SSL from another host, either thru openssl or via an SSL-enabled mail client.

i used these instructions:

there is nothing in the maillog about a connection other than my attempts on the server. this leads me to believe there is something i have to configure for the server to accept connections on 995

i'm using the openssl s_client on the server and it's fine, but from anywhere else the connection times out. nmap shows 995 open. i haven't been using linux for very long so i know i'm not configuring something right. can anyone point me in the right direction? ask me questions!

thanks in advance!