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    Help: Totally stupid on Linux mail servers...

    Can anyone help, I am totally lost when it comes to mail servers and Linux. I learn by doing and since I don't know where to start it's tough for me to learn. I have several Linux boxes set up from Mandrake to RH 9.0 and a clark connect gateway on RH7.3 with Webmin installed.

    I would like my RH7.3 box to download all the mail from my ISP every 5 minutes, run it through a spam filter that I can add to and edit, scan for viri and then have the home clients (OSX and Evolution) read off of that. The outgoing mail would still go SMTP to my ISP.

    All I know is that if I want to send mail from the server I use sendmail, and I think to get my mail on the server I would use fetchmail. All the docs I see seem to be geared towards those who already know what they are doing. Nothing relating to those who do not have a static IP, even though I do have a dynamic IP account set up with dyndns and a domain. For now I just want to learn and try it using my regular ISP in case I really screw up I can set my clients back to normal while I work on it.


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    This sounds like something I'd like to set up for myself in the near future, so keep us posted on how you end up achieving it.

    In the meantime, I dug up the following. Sounds like it may be in line with what you're attempting.

    Fetchmail gets my mail from several POP-servers every 10 minutes or so...
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    You should install postfix as an alternative (and easier to work with) than sendmail.
    You would want to run fetchmail as either a service or a cron job - this will download your mail from your ISP. The file you edit is $HOME/.fetchmailrc
    You should also investigate spamassasin. I have not used it, but this is what you want to filter out your junk mail. I believe it is straight forward to setup.
    Once you have your mail downloaded to your machine via fetchmail, you could use procmail to do any processing/forwarding etc that you might need, considering you have multiple accounts (OSX, Evolution indicates this).
    Your outgoing mail is still handled by your mail client since you are sticking with SMTP.
    You can find out more by for

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