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Thread: Apache help

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    Apache help

    I am running Apache 2.0.52 on a Fedora core 3 box. Apache works fine, but when I restored a directory structure from another machine to the default location of /var/www/html/newdir I am getting Forbidden, you don't have permission to access / on this server.

    The sad thing is that if I copy a file from /var/www/html/newdir to /var/www/html it works fine. If I create any additional directories in the /var/www/html directory - everything works fine there as well. There are no .htaccess files, permissions are set to drwxr-xr-x. I have tried different groups for all files, root, apache, nobody, and I keep coming up with the same error. I have no virtual directories.

    I will access the files by http://localhost/newdir... I have googled this and most people have issues with Apache itself, but Apache works fine unless I go to a subdirectory.

    Any ideas?

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    the document root in httpd.conf is /var/www/html you will need to change that if you want to use something else
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    Do you have SELinux enabled?
    I had a hell of a time getting user directories to work until I did an install without SELinux enabled. Works all fine now. I can create whatever subfolder under /var/www/html and it works. Make sure your directory has 711 permissions and that your files are world readable.

    We are not running SELinux on our servers just yet
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