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    What is the best Free Linux server distro

    Im hoping to make a server

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    they will all work , I use suse, others I know use fedora, others i know use gentoo, and others use debian, or slackware, I'd check out read about the distro's and take a pick.

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    Go with what you know they all make good servers. I like fedora Core 3 without X
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    I agree with Adrenaline, i started with Mandrake for a desktop and then installed Debian for a second pc i use as server.
    Since it are two different distros, some things are handled different and this can be very confusing.

    So stick to what you are familair with.

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    Re: What is the best Free Linux server distro

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric55441
    Im hoping to make a server
    are you familliar with one already? if so that one.

    otherwise, due to ease of updating and the fact it has the most well developed gui that i've seen, i'd suggest Red Hat Fedora Core 3.

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    Debian minumal install is the best IMO to much cruft to remove from RH/FC, mandrake and the like. And we are talking server so why would you want a GUI?

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    A server..... that doesn't tell us much about what you want in a Linux distribution. Will it be a server for personal use with some webserver/php/database support or will you build a multiprocessor server with a variety of services and lots of users ? That makes a difference in what to choose. Some details about the hardware used could be a help as well .
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    I'm looking for a distro to run a server off of too. I have a dinky little personal website with some very large media files. It's not really economical for me to pay a ton of money for all that storage room, and I have a really lax broadband always-on ISP. I was hoping to run a server from my house on my ~500K connection using linux, so I could save some trouble and cash in terms of a webhost.

    Another important feature I would need from my distro would be some media editing power. Mainly digital image cropping and creating .wav and .mp3 files (I like the sound of my own voice), but also occasional video and flash (I hear I'm going to need to use WINE and Macromedia for this; has anybody heard any news about the Adobe flash creator for linux?) . A good GUI would be nice, but mainly only for content creation/editing. I'm hoping to run all of the server stuff strictly from the command line, like a true linux maverick.

    Do you guys have any recommendations for me in terms of linux distros? I kind of have the feeling I'm begging to get my arse hacked, but I really want to do this because I've always wanted to try linux. That being said, I'm not all that familiar with linux, though I am running Mandrake 10.1 now and I seem to be progressing painlessly for the most part.

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    If this server will be used at home or with just a few users, I really like ClarkConnect's Home version.

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    As this thread hasn't been posted to in over a year, I assume the original poster has moved on, therefore further discussion is more than likely moot.
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