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    Running chroot off mounted image?

    OK, if I make a mounted image...
    dd if=/dev/zero of=apacheimage bs=1M count=100
    mke2fs -m 0 -F apacheimage
    mount -t ext2 -o loop apacheimage /chroot/apache
    ...and copied chrooted apache to it, and ran chroot on it, would this be anymore/less secure then just running it chrooted off of the root fs? Also, running off the loop, would I take a performance hit? I don't have much ram available. I got thinking about this last night and realized that this would be make backups and restoring a snap (copy the image and then mount the copy).

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    performance would be a major killer here, while I can't think of a serious security issue, the more services running, the more likely you will have an issue. It might be worth a shot, but your really better off storing as much as possible localy.
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    hmm, well, I guess I'll try it out and see if the loop takes too many resources then.

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    hmmm, well, I did a few quick tests, the loop fs wrote faster, read faster, and didn't take up anymore resources than the normal fs. I'll try to run a few services from a loop, but I have no clue how I'll benchmark apache, bind, etc.

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