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    vsftpd help needed

    I'm trying to setup vsftpd but keep getting the error below. I changed so many settings the past few weeks but can't seem to get by this problem. It appears a permission problem but at this point I have no idea. Any suggestions?

    Checking for program update...
    ~ Connecting...
    ~ Connected to xx.xx.xx.40, waiting for response...
    < 220 Welcome to Groundhogs ftp site
    > USER mws
    < 331 Please specify the password.
    > PASS *****
    < 230 Login successful.
    > REST 1
    < 550 Permission denied.
    > SYST
    < 550 Permission denied.
    > PWD
    < 550 Permission denied.
    ~ Login completed.
    > PASV
    < 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,1,2,4,8
    > TYPE A
    < 550 Permission denied.
    > LIST
    ! Socket Error: no connection
    ~ Could not retrieve directory listing for ""
    ~ Disconnected

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    looks like you are logging in ok but you don't have permissions to access the folders you are tying to access.
    When you log into a computer via ftp you start at you own home dir
    for instance
    so if you are trying to access a folder called rest1 it will have to be in /home/mws if it is not mws will need access to every folder to rest1
    so it rest1 was in /usr/local/share mws will need permissions to all those directories to get to the file. Plus Linux doesn't recognise spaces in file names so if you wanted to access the first one it would have to be something like this
    less rest\ 1

    You will need to learn more ftp commands too.
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