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    DHCP Server Help Required

    Hey, could someone please help me with DHCP daemon (server), im trying to get a dhcp server running, but i am very new to linux, and dont know much, but what i have done. my redhat server, is going to be my networks internet gateway, so the modem is connected to the eth0 and im trying to get my eth1 to run dhcp server, i have bought a 5 port switch, which is going to connected to the eth1 then network connecting to it, and auto assigned ip by dhcp. your help and reply will be highly appreciated.


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    Take a gander at 'man dhcpd.conf' on the machine you're going to be using for the DHCP server. This pretty much tells you all you need to know and gives you some example configs.

    It's actually probably easier to use static IP configurations for a network that's as small as yours. (Unless you want to get DHCP going just because you can...which I understand completely. )
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    Depending on which DHCPD server you want to use, but this is a short cut out from a DHCP config file I use, in a fairly big environment.
    The file is located and called /etc/dhcpd.conf
    #  First of all set up some common options for your scopes
    option routers;
    option domain-name "";
    option domain-name-servers;
    option subnet-mask;
    default-lease-time 10800;
    max-lease-time 18000;
    # Then set up your scope with it's unique parameters
    subnet netmask {
            range; # Range 1
            range;   # Range 2
    # If you wish to set more of a statical IP to some WS it is done
    # like this
            host WS1 {
                   # Important parameter is the NIC MAC address
                    hardware ethernet 00:0a:e6:ed:3d:98;
                   # This will set WS1 with above MAC to IP
                    # Here after will just show that you can specify as many as 
                    # you wish!
            host WS2 {
                    hardware ethernet 00:40:d0:12:fd:4a;
    Hope this will help you out a bit! It's not that hard, even through the config-file, however, if you need an easier way of doing this, I do recomend you to take a look into Webmin

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    I'd like a little more security. Buy a hardware router/firewall to put between you and your computers and let it run DHCP and be your gateway. It will cut down on computer traffic and if the firewall is used make you invisible to the world at a point beyond your computer.

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