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    Apache config error?

    Hello, I have a quick question. I was trying to install MediaWiki onto
    my FreeBSD 5.2.1 server the other night and I was unable to access the
    page after going through the MediaWiki configuration. It kept trying
    to resolve the FQDN of the server ( when I accessed
    the MediaWiki folder and my local workstation was unable to resolve
    that. I know that I can resolve the server's NetBIOS name ("server")
    by using Samba, which is also installed on it. I have a few other web
    services installed that I am simply experimenting with for now, and
    those work fine (HLStats, Psychostats, phpMyAdmin). But whenever I try
    to goto //server/MediaWiki/index.php it always says that it can't
    resolve Can anyone tell me why it's forcefully
    using the FQDN for the MediaWiki page and not the others? I tried
    fixing this by doing some basic configuration of BIND on the same
    server, but was unsuccessful at doing so. I also restarted Apache, to
    no it says "Connection refused when trying to access" it trying to pull from my workstation now?? Help
    please! And thanks in adv.

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    i would guess the original problem was something in the mediawiki software trying to force you onto the correct domain name if you had to enter this into the software during installation (some software does this). Im not familiar with mediawiki myself, but that would be my guess.

    The fiddling with BIND i suspect has caused that domain to resolve to, undo whatever you did with bind (or uninstall it, unless you really really need it).

    Force the resolution of just that server name to your local network server by adding a line like:

    to your /etc/hosts file. This will force that domain to be resolved to the ip address (of course, replace with the ip address of your server).

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    Well, that seems to have taken care of the problem. What I did was:
    1. Add that line to my c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.
    2. Remove the Master Zone in BIND that I created for my domain using Webmin
    3. Restart apache

    I hate having to manually enter stuff into the hosts file (I've had to on one workstation at work :-\) but at least it made it work. Maybe my next project will be to learn BIND and figure out how to get my workstation to use that as a DNS server.

    Hmm....I'm still very curious though, why would MediaWiki be forcing it to use the FQDN if everything else works without it, you know? I didn't have to configure anything of the sort during the MediaWiki installation (which BTW is *very* nice and simple). If anyone has ideas, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks a lot!

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