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    Recommended Server Distribution

    I've searched the forums but with unsatisfactory results about this topic.

    What is the best GNU/Linux distribution to run mainly as a web/mail/database server? The IEEE club at my school would like to have its members learn how to use GNU/Linux in the process also. I've set up Mandrake and Slackware boxes before, and they plan on using Mandrake to start up the project. I know Gentoo is supposed to "force" the user to learn GNU/Linux concepts, so that might be an option, and I know Slackware leaves out the fancy GUI.

    We're interested in knowing a good combination of a relatively simple-to-use GNU/Linux distribution, but without so much bloat (i.e.: bloat from desktop applications that a server wouldn't generally need), and without so much masking of what GNU/Linux actually does (as opposed to Mandrake's Control Center, etc.). Plus we're interesting in what it'll take to back up the server on a daily basis (I suppose I can research this on my own). Of course, I'd like to get rid of X completely in the system and just go console-based, but the goal of the project is for people to learn how to use GNU/Linux--and a console-only/terminal screen might scare people away.

    Thank you for your help.

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    From your specifications, I would probably recommend Slackware or Debian. Neither one of them seem to believe in "hand-holding" the user, they both have good documentation and large user communities, and what the students learn would be closer to "vanilla" linux than just about anything else. If you want your students to be more comfortable with a "unix-ish" environment, I would probably go with Slackware.
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    Turbolinux and linux-mandrake server

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    Re: Recommended Server Distribution

    A minimum install of Debian is great for servers, Im sure this has been covered before but I couldnt find anything (keywords: server linux distro)?

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