Hi guys,

In the past I had the router that could memorise my servers MAC address, reserve it and always send the server requests to that MAC (no wasted time doing request broadcasts). Now, however, I got a new router. It is nicer and faster but stupidly enough it doesnot have IP reservation feature on the router. So all works well unless the server is quite for few minuts. However if the server sits doing nothing for more then 15 min the router forgets about it, so that when next time an inbound request comes in the router takes 10 to 30 seconds trying to figure out what to do about it Obviously that's not good. Do you think setting up a cron job to ping the router once a min would solve the problem?

In the next few weeks I am going to switch to a new server. And I think I am going to put it first in line and connect the router to the server through second nic card. But for now I need to figure out how to fix this temporarily.

Thanks for any help,

- Bogdan