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    Quote Originally Posted by Klutsh

    I know this is my first post, but I feel I have to correct you.

    You CAN mod an xbox to run linux and reverse the process, You can even have your xbox as an xbox and have linux on it at the same time.

    Please dont take offence, but I mod xbox's for a living, and just wanted people to know what is possible.
    And I want people to understand the concept of what will happen. First ONLY the software method is reversible. okih-imus wanted to................

    I may plan to later buy an xbox(if the price is in my league) and use that as a server instead. My computer is pretty loud and my dad dosen't like me running it overnight (is an xbox quiet?).
    In order to do that why the hell would you use the software method? You wouldn't, you'd use the "hardware" method which is irreversible.

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    Look, I dont know who told you it's irreversable, even reflashing the actual xbox's TSOP chip is reversable, you just need to make sure you back-up the original bios, and then use raincoat to re-flash it when you want to.

    If you were to get a physical chip, then it's just a case of remove\turn off the chip and it's back to normal.

    Please trust me, I do know what I'm talking about.
    I've done it 100's of times, My xbox at the minute has Mandriva installed, and when the kids want to play on it I just swap the HDD over and it's back to a normal xbox.

    One thing to note is that the newer xbox's cannot be hardware modified (They don't have a TSOP chip). The only 2 options on these are Softmod, and a physical chip.

    The guides on Xbox-Linux are a little out dated.

    I used to run from an xbox, that very xbox was prepared using the "Hardware" method, it's now used upstairs for the kids when they want to play on xbox-live.

    okih-imus: if you want more info on how to set-up yur xbox to run linux and then reverse the process if needed, have a look at , There are 1000's of dedicated xbox users there who will be happy to help you.

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    I may not have much experience with linux, but I have with webservers.
    Webservers absolutely do NOT require much if you serve static pages.
    (i.e. PLAIN HTML)

    If the above is all you want, you can hook up your 486, with (CLI, no GIU) Linux and you have a perfectly good server.

    The demand for power increases when using scripts such as PHP.
    it demands CPU, with every page request since the parser is loaded with each hit

    It encreases even further (dramatically i would say) when querying databases for building the web pages.
    it demands both more cpu for scripts,query's and memory for holding active records.

    If PHP+MySQL is what you want, think very carefully on what you want.
    A busy forum or site with profiles will stress the server.

    I once (long time ago hehe) developed a "dating" site for a customer where users could create profiles and send messages to eachother and upload pics of themselves.

    It stressed the server like hell with the first version. but the hardware was not to was me. I wrote bad ASP code and used a very wrong database for this purpose: MS ACCES. it worked, but had Major impact on performance.

    All I want to say is...keep this in mind. you can easily stress the server with bad design choise.

    So it depents on what you want... (static, dynamic) and how you implement it.
    That being sayd, you probably don't need a very fast machine to webserve.

    Ow, and you don't want a crappy NIC when running (whatever) server.
    cheap netwerk cards can't handle much connections at the same time.

    I once discovered this with running a gameserver. it had lag when getting over a certain amount of users. the bandwidth was good, but it was the cheap NIC that caused it.

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