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Thread: BInd DNS

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    BInd DNS

    I have a question:
    I've made DNS caching server on bind, and now i'm curiuos, where are the cached domain entries located - when i dump it over rndc dumpdb - it shows many netries - but where it is located normally? - i cant believe that in memory...

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    Re: BInd DNS

    [quote="seitan"]where are the cached domain entries located[quote]

    Did you check in /var/named?
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    Nope, that wasn't exactly what I meaned, but I've foud it myself that all resolved domain names and IP which represent them are stored in memory.
    Database can be dumped via "rndc dumpdb" - you will get named_dump.db file in your cached dir (specified in named.conf file)
    Now the other question :
    can I load dumped base (named_dump.db) into bind's memory again? - because all remembered assotiations are lost after service is restarted

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    open your named.conf and the first line in options should show you where it stores its cache. Hope it helps.

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