Hmm. I hope this is the right forum for this topic. It's a bit server related (IRC server) but at the same time it is not

I recently decided to have some fun with an IRC Server.

So I downloaded the latest Ircu+Asuka off and compiled the package.

After some fiddling with the configuration file, it worked very nicely.

But then I decided it was time to install some services on the server.
Planning on writing my own services some time, for now I decided to go ahead and download and install Q, L and Operserv from

I started with L. After compiling and a lot of fiddling with the configuration files (sucks that there's no documentation at all), it worked. However, L will not do anything for me because I am not authed (duh). But, when L starts, it says it can't find the accountdb.
I am guessing L uses a mysql database for this but I was not sure, so I decided to try and compile Q, maybe that creates the accountdb.

So after downloading the Q source, I try to compile it ('make'), and it gives a lot of warnings about some function called 'log' after which it starts getting fatal errors and it stops compiling.

I tried this three times, twice on my server, and one time on my main PC. On both computers, Q refuses to be compiled.

And after I tried compiling O, I found out that O has the same problems. It won't compile with a _lot_ of errors.

Is anyone familiar with (compiling) Asuka, O, Q and L and is this person also able to help me out?

Thanks in advance.