Well, I'm trying to go by the W3C standards and make XHTML Strict webpages. I did it, but there's a problem. I have a .htaccess file that tells which character encoding to use. When I use the validator at w3c everything works great. This is my .htaccess file
Order Deny,Allow
AddType 'text/html; charset=UTF-8' html
Now, I wanted to validate a php file, so I added 'php' after the html in my code. I used to validator and it worked just fine, "This page is XHTML STRICT!". But now when I go to run the php scripts, it dumps out all this garbage to me instead of running.

So, am I not supposed to validate php files? Am I supposed to use a different character encoding? Is my problem related to AddHandler or something? If so, how shall I fix this? Thanks for your help!