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    MYSQL root password forgotton

    My old post seems to have been deleted... dunno why..

    Well I found the following on google telling you how to reset it
    18.9 How to reset a forgotten password. If you have forgotten the root user password for MySQL, you can restore it with the following procedure. Take down the mysqld server by sending a kill (not kill -9) to the mysqld server. The pid is stored in a .pid file which is normally in the MySQL database directory: kill `cat /mysql-data-directory/` You must be either the UNIX root user or the same user the server runs as to do this. Restart mysqld with the --skip-grant-tables option. Connect to the mysqld server with mysql -h hostname mysql and change the password with a GRANT command. See section 7.26 GRANT and REVOKE syntax. You can also do this with mysqladmin -h hostname -u user password 'new password' Load the privilege tables with: mysqladmin -h hostname flush-privileges or with the SQL command FLUSH PRIVILEGES.

    So... I took down the sqld

    But then I couldn't find a way to restart it with --skip-grant-tables ..... I looked at the --help for mysql and mysqladmin ... nothing like that caught my eye


    Once I get all the above figured out thus far...

    when I connect to the mysql with
    "mysql -h hostname"

    Since my box often says stuff like localhost.localdomain will I do a mysql -h localhost.localdomain
    or do
    mysql -h
    (i'm guessing localhost.localdomain)

    then that's when I type GRANT <my desired new pass> ?

    thanks for clearing my confusion... I feel like a real idiot... and I'm embarassed...

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    Run this command:

    It will rewrite your permission tables.

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