A project that I would like to try is to set up a forwarding proxy (using either FreeBSD or a user-friendly Linux distro). However, I have some fundamental questions and would like a little feedback. I plan to site the server box @ my house, on a Cox cable line, behind a NAT (DLink DI-624). I will be the only user of this server (from a remote location), so it won't be an insane amount of traffic running through it. I am minimally experienced w/ BSD and have a bit more exp with linux (mostly mandrake). I have a AMD Athlon 1Ghz machine ... 512 MB of RAM ~80GB HDD to use as the server .... but could an older computer of mine handle the traffic? (AMD K6 233Mhz 100MB RAM, 3GB HDD)

Is Apache or Squid more suited to this task?
Which of the above is easier to set up?

Which OS/distro should I use? BSD or linux...

Any obvious holes in this project?

Thx in advance for the help.