What do you guys suggest. The computer I am setting up is a server running Slackware 10.1. It has 2 HDs, one 9GB SCSI raid drive and the other is a 80GB IDE Drive. The SCSI drive is the system drive and the IDE drive is for storage and backup only. I probably end up getting one more SCSI drive for /home but that's irrelevant. Here are some of the requirements which I need to achieve in my setup:

-Each user of a "client" group has in his/her home directory:
~/www/ - for online files, visible as a subdomain
~/backup/ - backup space on the IDE drive
~/common/ - the files which can be seen by all users

-The home directory needs to be jailed using chroot or something else when connecting using FTP. Some users will have SSH access and they will not be jailed or restricted too much, however all users will have limited FTP access.

The problam is that I can not figure out how to jail users in FTP but still alow them to connect to the IDE drive mounted as /doc and also how to allow them access to the common directory. In addition to all this I still trying to figure out how to setup the apache server to have as much security as possible but still allow users to have ~/www directories to post there files online. This server runs other websites, so the problem is setting up directories so they are logically laid out and secure.

Any ideas on any of the problems would be greatly appreciated.

- Bogdan