Hi everyone,

I'm still considered a newbie when it comes to Linux. My current project is building a mail server. MY setup is this: I have a Co-Lo server at a friends location and it will be my companies web server. It is running great with Apache, PHP and MySQL. I am also setting up a mail server which will run in-house. I am currently building it. I am also going to use this server as a test web server for building my site before I upload it to my web server that is actually online. Sooooo........ I need to setup this mail server but I am not familiar with setting up sendmail. Also considering it will have a completely different IP and will run on the same IP as the internet all the users here will use I assume the MX Record will have to have a port so my firewall will port-forward mail to the server (I hope that makes sense :)

My question is, does anyone know a good tutorial to get me going for this setup? I found a couple tutorials but they just confuse me. Also, do I need a DNS running? Or, could I use a company liek EasyDNS who offers DNS with the domain hosting.

Thanks for your help

(If you need any other info please feel free to ask)