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    Own (http/ftp/...) server <?>

    Hi. I have a cable connection to the Internet . My ISP give me IP address of house network, but wherever i logging in it shows another IP address .IP of DNS.
    E.g.: xx.xx.xx.xx/
    I have two IP : first my own in the network and one public .
    I want to set up my own server on Linux.
    On official site of ISP written that : "Users can't set up a server. If they want ,they must change ISP where bandwidth is much higher"
    My is 256 Kbps,but it very much higher that ISP gave.
    Is possible to do on such connection?
    If Yes, what i should/can do?

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    Sorry i'm really tired i didn't thoroughly understand what you said. But from what i gather your asking if you can setup your own webserver? There are A LOT of things to consider with that.
    1.) Many ISP's block port 80 on their customers computers (remotely) so your address would be something like
    2.) I used a netgear router about a year ago. It wouldn't let me use port forwarding (to make anybody accessing port 80 to go to 81.) so that your address will be and your router will send the connection to port 81 for you. Linksys works very well for that.
    3.) Some ISP's HATE people running services off of their networks. I was with bellsouth (American phone company) and I had FTP and HTTP running. When they found out they cut off my service for good.
    4.) you can run a webserver off of ANY computer with ANY kinda of internet access, even with a dynamic IP.. it's just a question if you want to lose that bandwidth. If you're using you desktop with like a 28.8 connection, and you have a few people accessing your website your connection is gonna bog pretty badly. but you shouldn't have that problem.
    5.) But if you're gonna run everything off of your box. you will also need to run the DNS server (BIND).

    I hope this answers all of your questions


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    Michael. thanks!!!
    But i have another question:
    Do you/(someone) know somethink about WAP SERVER(gateway)?

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    what do you want to know?

    Maybe it would be better off in another thread?


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