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    domain names and ftp servers: just got some ????'s

    Ok, i been wondering this for a long time and now i have the time to ask so here it is.

    How do you make your own domain name server, instead of haveing to pay for one with some company?

    How do i make it so that I can give domain names to my ftp and http servers?

    Lets say i was OK with just an ipadress for a domain name, how do i make it so that the IP that is broadcast is the servers and not a

    thats bout it for now.. i'm sure ill think of somemore later
    thanks in advance for y'all's time

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    you could save ya some effort and add your domain name to a free dns server. I recommend DollarDNS. Just create a master zone for your domain pointing to your public IP address and everything should work fine from the DNS perspective. You may need to configure your router to forward the ftp and http ports to your ftp and http private IP address though.

    Still want to host your own dns server?

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    thanks for the reply

    its a cool site (and i'll prolly use it a bunch) , but you still have to buy a domain name ( i was wanting to know how to host your own instead of buying one.

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    In order to be properly registered you have to purchase the domain name.
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    go to and sign up for the dynamic or static dns services. You can have a subdomain host such as, etc and all for free. Very good service in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retired1af
    In order to be properly registered you have to purchase the domain name.
    so theres no way around paying for it (not counting the subdomain stuff "")?

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    Right, those companies that offer registration pay a LOT of money for the privilage of registering domains. For example, you must pay out $70,000 and provide proof of having another $10,000 in liquid cash to be an ICANN certified registrar. Then you pay out annual variable fees depending on how much you use the registry. This does NOT include ccTLDs. For like the .CA TLD for example, you must be a CIRA certified registrar (not sure what you pay to become that).

    Pay out the $'s for the domain, use somebody's free dns hosting service, and host the website and email yourself. That's my recommendation for low-cost personal websites.

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