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Thread: FTP help

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    FTP help

    Hi, i want to allow a friend to log in via FTP and be able to edit files on a section i created for him

    his section is

    my question is, how do i make it so when he logs in with a user i created on the server, how can i redirect him to the /var/www/dave folder so he can edit his stuff but cant mess with mine?

    probably a stupid question but mah dad always taught me the only stupid question is an unasked one...

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    The easiest thing to do is use web-min to restrict his acces, or you can directly edit the config files yourself. Just make sure you put user specific restrictions first. If you put everyone and then dave, it won't work, you have to put dave first, then everyone else. Are you using proFTP or something else? proFTP restricts users bases on groups. This is no problem, as dave usually is (the only one) in group dave.

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    we arent using proftp or web-min but i think i should try the webmin, all i basically want is for him to start out with his main folder (being /var/www/dave/) and for him to only have access to the folders Inside that folder... i dont want him to be able to go backwards at all into the /www

    i just want him to log in with IE, copy paste his files into where they need to go, and edit old ones

    Thanks for the input, ill try that webmin

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    If you're using vsftpd, then I can help you with that. You don't need webmin.

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    oic! hmm, sounds good

    Edit: actually wait, i just remembered i AM using proftp, sorry...

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    If you're using proFTP, you should have the file: /etc/proftp.conf

    Open this file up, and add the line:

    DefaultRoot /var/www/dave dave
    This is assuming his ftp username is "dave", of course. Don't forget to restart proFTP after making this change.

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    sorry, thanks, i got it, should have made a post saying that i got it wokring, thanks again to all that helped tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentRage
    If you're using vsftpd, then I can help you with that. You don't need webmin.
    SilentRage, can I direct you to this problem that I'm having w/VSFTPD? I mistakenly thought it was a Redhat related problem, but after reading here, it seems that my problem lies in a configuration flaw.

    I'm just trying to get the ftp to point to the /www dir for the webserver, right now it shows that it's in "/" and the only thing available in it is a folder called "pub".


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