I'm currently setting up a (Fedora Core 3) box that will function with the following:

Apache Web Server
DNS Server
Using virtual domains
SMTP Server (Using Sendmail)
POP Server (Using Postfix with VM-POP3D)
And obviously there'll be an FTP Server running soon aswell with a bit of luck.

So far Apache, DNS (With virtual domains), SMTP Sendmail server are all installed and working as I desire them to.

A quick elaboration on what this machine is meant to do eventually: Serve people around the world with webhosting/DNS + POP E-mail accounts.

Now the part im having trouble with is sending an E-mail to my virtual mailbox for admin@my-domain.com (and my-domain is a FQDN that does work when accessing a test website via another machine on the Internet).

I know the configuration with Postfix/VM-POP3D must be partially correct because I can E-mail on the same machine from root@my-domain.com to admin@my-domain.com and vice versa.

I'm currently in a state of confusion and at a loss as where to go next and what to change. Any assistance of any nature would be greatly welcome.

(Incase I sounded like I know what i'm talking about, I assure you I dont)