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    outgoing mail not working

    Hello all,

    I having a little problem trying to send outgoing mail from a php script which communicates with the sendmail service on a fedora lnux distribution. However i had it working before when i was using red hat and there wasn't any complications(confusing).

    I've been doing some research on the net and the suggestions were to make sure that the send mail settings were correct. From what i can see they're being the smtp name is correct with the port number and the path to the where sendmail is saved was correct as well.

    This is most confusing beause everthing to me seems correct and double checked to see if the sendmail service was actually running and it is

    Any suggestions would be cool



    Theres nothing wrong with my PHP script. lol

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    Try to do some easy investigations like

    telnet your-smtp-host 25
    from your phpBB server.
    If this works, try some standard SMTP envelope commands

    EHLO <your-host-name>
    MAIL FROM&#58;<>
    RCPT TO&#58;<>
    Subject&#58;Hello World
    Just a plain and simple test e-mail
    The ending '.' [dot] on a single line is important to terminate current SMTP session with you SMTP server.

    If you fail at:
    telnet command: Your SMTP server is NOT running
    RCPT TO: You are not allowed to Relay SMTP on your SMTP server
    MAIL FROM: You might hve configured some RBL checking and your adress is not passing that test.

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