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    DNS (BIND)... Probably a simple problem

    I am trying to create a DNS server on a linux machine using BIND. I have it installed and running with one virtual domain setup. This virtual domain works fine locally and goes to the correct home directory/document (index.html). This domain is registered and points to the nameserver ns.<my-site>.com. ns.<my-site>.com when typed into a browser brings up the default test page for apache... so im guessing that's working ok. The missing link is that I when I type <my-site>.com into a browser it doesnt find it. I dont see what i've done wrong. Could anyone help? Seems like im missing something probably quite simple.

    Also, im using webmin to configure bind if that makes any difference.

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    You just need to add an A record for the domain root. Something like this in your zone file would work: A

    Replace with your registered domain, and the IP address to the same you've assigned to

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    Guys I'm kinda new here but I would like to ask some thing about this topic.

    How do you set up your DNS locally. With out having a registered Domain. I mean like setting up your own DNS LAN.. The thing is I have read some HOWTOS but I"m kinda confused about it. CAN anyone share their Ideas. Or can any one give a Basic step by stpe procedure on how to set it up? Thanks.

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    I wrote a tutorial here: DevShed DNS Forum, Sticky Topic

    Setting up a private zone, is the same as setting up a public zone.

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