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    Best Email System Configuration?

    I have been playing around with setting up our own email system for some time now. I got a Postfix with popa3d running, and it is working ok. The problem is most of the config was done through the magic of debconf, thus I still am very ignorant on the entire mail server issue. What I want to setup is a complete mail system with the following features:

    - MTA - obviously - currently postfix
    - Local mail - currently procmail
    - POP3 - currently popa3d
    - IMAP4 - not setup
    - WebMail - not setup
    - Fax through e-Mail - not setup

    I have looked at several programs for each of my tasks, and have found several good once. My problem is, I am really knew to setting up email on linux, and I really have no idea what I am doing. I was wondering if you guys can recommend the best set of programs that would work together nicely and would not have any conflicts. Like what MTA should I use, and what local mail agent best works with that, and what IMAP server best works with that MTA. Stuff like that.

    Also, perhaps there is a book that you can recommend that would guide me through this entire setup on Debian system. I looked over lots of books, but a lot of them either go so deep in to the history and design of MTAs that they lose me in 5 pages, or have phrases such as "after setting up sendmail go on to..." with no explanation on how to actually setup sendmail. What I am looking for is a step by step setup guide of sorts.

    The system its self is going to handle maybe 500 emails a day with perhaps 25 mail accounts, all local users. So it really does not have to be a super fast, SQL driven system. In fact something that stores all main in one folder in ASCII files (for easy backup) would be the best for this system.

    Sorry of very long post,

    - Bogdan

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    Well, when I configure some MTA somewhere I always use qmail along with vpopmail, vqadmin, qmailadmin etc. It can handle both smtp and pop3 and vpopmail is an outstanding "upgrade" for qmail. Then I use mysql to store accounts and domains but it can be configured even other way. qmail is really fast, secure and has sendmail emulator cause some programs need sendmail. For IMAP I use courier and squrellmail as a webmail. There are a lots of webmail clients it only depends on what you like cause there's not any major difference.

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