Hello everyone.
My problem is that in collegue, we are currently making a php project, so everyone in my class, has to upload it to their public_html (including me obviously). The deal is that, when someone in the server tries to go to my account (i.e cd /afs/..../~username/) and then to my public_html, they can easily see the contents of my project (i.e they can read the php), and thus copy it.

One workaround for this issue would be to call these commands inside my public_html:

$ fs sa . system:anyuser rl
$ fs sa . system:authuser -negative rl

That way, the only way to access my project, is the way it was meant to be, i.e on a browser, and noone can navigate my user account and see the contents of my public_html.

The problem is that, the second line wont give me access to my files, because, to AFS, im an authuser too!!!!

Please IM sorry if I didnt make myself too clear, actually, to sum up, what I need is:

1. Provide every user with access to my project website (aka my public_html) from a browser, provided that
2. No one, (except me) that has an account on my server, can navigate to my public_html and see the plain .php files issuing a more, cat, whatever