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Thread: FTP problems

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    FTP problems

    well, i can ftp to my site, and if i ftp with other users it goes to where i set them, now, the problem is that others cannot connect to it, they all time out!

    not only is ports 20-21 opened on my router and forwarded to it, but my server is also a DMZ server. they dont time out when they go to the site, only when they try to ftp to it.

    im using proftpd

    ServerName ""
    ServerType standalone
    DeferWelcome off

    DefaultRoot /var/www/dave dave

    ShowSymlinks on
    MultilineRFC2228 on
    DefaultServer on
    ShowSymlinks on
    AllowOverwrite on

    TimeoutNoTransfer 6000
    TimeoutStalled 6000
    TimeoutIdle 12000

    DisplayLogin welcome.msg
    DisplayFirstChdir .message
    LsDefaultOptions "-l"

    DenyFilter \*.*/

    # Uncomment this if you are using NIS or LDAP to retrieve passwords:
    No command to repeat

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    so my friend still cant ftp into it, he called his ISP and the maker of his router, and they gave him a test ftp site and it worked for him. he can ftp into other places but not my website.

    my friend brandon can get into mine just fine, so can my brother. i dont understand why certain people cant get into it. Im using ProFTPd and it seems as thought the configuration file/s are fine. theres nothing wrong with those. Ive had people make suggestions saying it may be my networking. My router has the server's address on the Virtual DMZ, so it should work just fine.

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    You should probably try to configure your FW to let Passive FTP enter your FTP server. I had a longer description in a earlier thread, but I can't seem to find it right now, so I'll just give you a short description on the difference of Active FTP and Passive FTP.

    Scenario Active FTP:
    Client connects to your FTP server via TCP:21
    (This is called the controll channel/port)
    Client do a logon procedure
    FTP Server reconnects to the FTP client via TCP:20
    (This is called the data channel/port)

    Scenario Passive FTP:
    Client connects to your FTP server via TCP:21
    (Still the controll channel/port)
    Client do it's logon procedure
    Client and server negotioates a passive data port to be used
    (Which by the RFC is defined to be any port inbetween 1024 - 65535)
    Client reconnects the data channel via above decided TCP:<port>

    This is the basic difference between Active and Passive FTP'ing.
    Might be so that your friends FW only allows Passive FTP through out the internet, and that the ISP enabled FTP server that was successfully connected to was in fact Passive FTP enabled.

    I would suggest you to configure your ProFTPd server to allow passive FTP within ports 20021-20022, and the create an allow/nat rule in your firewall for those ports into you FTP server.
    Then just tell your friend to explicity set his/her FTP software to connect in Passive FTP mode.

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    ill look into that and give it a try, thanks

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