ok here's the situation,

I have a P2 200MHz 128Mb Ram running Slack 10 Right now it's set up as a teamspeak/file server for a small group of friends. What I'm trying to accomplish is to setup a IPsec/L2TPD VPN server so that my friends can logon to my network and we can play some of the older IPX games. I have seen some fo the tutorials out there but none of them seem to work. I was hoping to be able to just set it up as a Pre-shared key because there are only a few of us.

My network is set up with a typical hardware router/firewall on the internet side and my linux machine is just one of the computers in the network setup with a static IP. I was hopeing to get the VPN setup and then worry about nat traversal or port forwarding. I'm planning on using openswan for the IPsec connection but to establish the L2TPD connection I have no Idea. the Clients are all winxp machines.