hay guys, i finally figured out how to get vsftpd running and now I want to get it setup. I have been reading the documentation, but im not really sure where to start. here is how i want it to work:

i want to have several users, about 20 each with their own username and password. I know i can just make new users on the system with passwords, but that, by default, will make each connect to the users home directory. I want them to all connect to the same directory and have the same permissions to that directory. One thing i know I need to do is make a new group and put all the users in that group, then give the proper permissions to that group. that I can handle

how do i set the directory in vsftpd? ideally i would like to have that directory on another hard drive formated to fat32. i do know how to get the fat32 drive mounted, so thats not a problem.

i also want no annomyous connections.

i was just planning on modifying the example config file. are there any other little settings i should set?

thanks a bunch