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    how can i update mysql 4.0 to mysql 5?

    On a Red Hat 9 OS, i have mysql 4.0 and i want upgrade to mysql 5.0 but i do not want to lose the mysql settings and the databases.

    How can I do this?
    I must change anything after upgrade in php or apache conf files?

    Any help would be appreciate, i am newbie to linux conf. please answer with full shell commands.

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    Have you been to the MySQL site and looked at their docs? might be a good place to start.

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    I read that but no clear shell commands find out.
    I deleted the old version and installed the 5, but now the phpinfo() function says that i am using mysql4.0, and the phpmyadmin says that i am using mysql5.........

    What about this?

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    It means that your PHP is not being compiled with the MySQL 5.0 being installed and it still has the entry for the MySQL 4.0. Just upgrade the php-mysql thing as well and everything will be in sync.


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    I installed php after mysql5 was installed but still reports mysql4 just on phpinfo();, because in myadmin says that is mysql5

    How can i upgrade php-mysql thing?

    Another question......
    I have untar-t mysql5 but now do not work > service mysql start

    How can I fix this?
    What should i add and where?

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    First of all can u tell me that earlier you installed the mysql did u installed it using the tarball or thru the rpm.

    Also, juts by untarring the mysql wwont make it work u need to build mysql all over again. In oreder to make it work properly.


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    i do not used the rpm
    just untar in /usr/local/mysql
    after that ./bin/safe_mysqld &

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    When you run safe_mysqld you are running mysqld in the safe mode. Please refer to the following link to install and build mysql.

    This link will help you to install mysql, php and apache.

    Also, read this again:

    As it states that the 5.0 is still in the testing phase moreover can u tell what are you trying to acheive!!!!


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    i installed stuff this way, but the: service mysql start doesn't works....

    I need mysql5 for my new project where i need those new feature...

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    Can u please paste me the error message you are getting when you ar etrying to start the MySQL service.


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