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Thread: Bugzilla

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    I want to install Bugzilla but I dont know anythink about this, so help me
    let me know how to install Bugzilla? which source & patch I want to download and what are the steps

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    first get a working apache installation and mysql installation

    then check this guide

    you might want to read over that document before installing anything

    its pretty easy and straightforward, but you do need to read the directions

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    Bugzilla Installation

    I Install Mysql-standard-5.0.0-alpha-pc-linux-i686.tar and Apache_1.3.3.3.tar on my system. both packages are install using sources. now please tell what is next procedure to install Bugzilla??
    I think I need to install perl module, but I dont know How to do that
    please tell me, Can I put this perl module packages under /opt??and waht is the procedure for that ?? please clear me I am New in LINUX.
    (Apache & Mysql both are working fine, )


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    bugzilla runs at very slow pace

    my bugzilla installation runs at a slow pace.The database access is fast but the template processing speed is very low.

    i am using bugzilla-2.18 on mysql 3.23

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    Smile How to install Bugzilla

    Hi ,

    Its not very difficut to install bugzilla . Just make sure to use the latest version of OS and download the latest tar.gz package from bugzilla

    You can follow the steps as below in order to get bugzilla installed


    Hope this will help you

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