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    Linux Servers - Best Distro??

    I am new to running Linux as a server. But have used Linux as a general user (Debian, Red Hat). I am a software developer and need to develop a server running on Linux in C/C++. TCP/IP, Multi-threaded, the works! The protocol is proprietary, similar to HTTP (lot less text though) and the server should be able to handle somewhere upto 5000 connections at the same time. A part of the protocol also needs data-forwarding ... data from one client is forwarded to another, so the server will also act as a data-pipe for two clients. The data is multimedia content (which might need conversion or some filters applied) .. so that is part of the runtime too in some cases.
    Now, the query I had was about Linux Distros. Considering the amount of experienced developers and users that must be on these forums .... It would be great of someone could share their experiences with running Linux Servers.

    1) Which distro is considered the most stable for running servers? I found some pretty bad reviews of Red Hat 8.0 and above!
    2) Although Debian is a very stable user OS, has anyone used it to run servers?
    3) Between Red Hat, Madrake and TurboLinux ... which Enterprise Server solution have you found the best?
    4) How much will the performance/scalability of the server depend on the hardware it runs on? Any sites where I could get some comparisions/benchmarks?

    Hope someone can help!

    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards!

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    This is just my personal opinion...

    If you want really stable distro, go for Slackware or Debian. There is also Adamantix which is based on Debian and is maintained to be more secure then Debian with some added features. Then you can try OpenBSD which is in my opinion most secure OS of all (just the base install) if you configure your distro properly, you will have secure OS by your needs. But I still go for Slackware which is (in my opinion again) most secure, fastest and most stable of all lin distros...

    If you want server, never use Red Hat or Mandrake. Just Slack :))) But if you really want something commercial, use Turbolinux far more better then RedHat, SuSE or Mandrake. But as I mentioned above it doesn't depend on how much it costs but how you'll be able to configure it. I tried many distros, amongs them was SuSE, RedHat, Mandrake, Debian and the list goes on... And I found most useble and reliable of all Slackware...

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