Hi guys
I am looking for a linux based (free) solution supporting answering situations:

- Web-based wired and wireless authentication (web based), I already know NoCat. I was just wondering for additional... and how to set it up with other features all in one box. calculating and modify scripting for my solution.

- Dual or more internet connection bandwidth balancing, I want to have very powerful bandwidth controling. detecting connection and prioritize them, such as priority web over p2p file sharings. such as following (not free) app:


- Web Proxy behind NAT, I don't want my user know that they are behind nat and I want it to autmatically download each page with multisession using 2 ISP link for fastest speed to maximize performance.

- Provide client option to view its web activity. internet acitivity (such as p2p, Instant messaging and etc) so parent can monitor their childeren activity.

- Provide option to filter and block porno graphic and violence websites.

Thanks in advance