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Thread: httpd.conf

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    yea the main backlash to using locate is that if you are looking for a recently added file, then you have to do the good ol

    and that can slow up your box quite a bit if you don't have that great of a processor, like myself, and could take a while to do as well. the longest i have had to wait once was about 20 minutes for it to build the database listing. i will have to try to find command from now on if it works better.

    -Brandon C. Brown

    ps ... i suggest doing at least one updatedb in case you ever need to find the placing of dir's. i sometimes use it to find directories where i need to copy files and what not. but thats just me.
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    For those that only want to use locate they can use updatedb in a perl script via cron.daily and it would be updated at least daily.

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