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    plzz help i think somebody is spamming through my server

    i think somebody is spamming through my server, whenevr i give the command exim -bp it list messages that frozen in the que
    like this
    36h 44K 1DWAB5-0004qF-T9 <> *** frozen ***

    35h 45K 1DWB7U-0004t3-DP <> *** frozen ***

    29h 45K 1DWGq6-0005yA-QQ <> *** frozen ***

    13h 44K 1DWWKF-0003Sp-Ut <> *** frozen ***

    11h 45K 1DWXbW-0005s8-TI <> *** frozen ***
    But they are not showing the person sending the email, please tell me how can i find the person you sent these emails.
    Plzz help

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    It's not a guarantee that they are trying to spam through your server. You should test to see if you can relay mail through that server.

    Another possibility is that somebody sent an email to a non-existent mail address on your server, and your server is bouncing the email back to FROM <>, but is having a hard time of doing so.

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    Hi silent rage,

    Thanx for replying to my message
    Sorry, wasn't able to convey myself correctly, my server requires authentication to rely email, but what i want to kanow is if any of my user is using the service to spam people, cause i am getting frequently frozen messages every day when i logon to it

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    Well, I run a mail server, and I got a lot of stuff like that in my queue. It's just bounced spam that were sent to a non-existant mailbox.

    You could also check your mail log. It may log such things in /var/log/maillog.

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    Exim logs this, so look at your logfiles (mainlog, rejectlog). Most of the times it is a bounced message, which cannot be delivered to a non-existing mail address. You can remove it from the queue using
    exim -Mrm <message id>

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    Hi Puntmuts,

    But Where are the logs located in case of exim.

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    That depends on your implementation/distro. In archlinux they are in /var/log/exim but that could in your case be /var/log/mail or /var/log/ .

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