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    DMZ or whatever... opens all ports.

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    hello again but "open" doesn't mean the IP is routed to the linux box, "open" sounds to me that everyone in the world is able to access your router's port 80, 23, whatever e.g. configure your router if they have the password since all ports on your router are.. "opened", but no one is able to access your linux box from the external IP since your router is listening on it, not your linux box. If you're pretty sure that "open" up the port will allow traffic to your linux box then please excuse me.

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    Re: Hmmm...

    Quote Originally Posted by sixfoottallrabbit
    They say it just says the URL does not exist... though it has connected to my computer.
    hmm.... if this is true then i'm in the wrong direction

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    Hmmm... well i started apache so you can test the address yourself. I'm leaving it on while I go to school.

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    hmm.... odd error message... did you download the .conf file from somewhere else (from a piece of tutorial or something)?

    An original .conf (at least for redhat, what i'm using now) is much different, and i modify almost nothing, just configure the linux firewall to give it a public ip and a port, and it runs happily......

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    His Port 80 is open you can do a telnet on that part and can confirm the same. Hey do u have any other computer first of all try with a local computer and with a private IP. If that works then try with the Public IP on the same computer and see if it works or not. Also, can u tell me the apache version you are running and the Linux flavour on which it is being installed. Also, I send you a message please have a look at it.. and if possible can u email ur httpd.conf file to me @


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    Ill check

    I'll check whether I can view my site from my dads computer when he gets back...
    Apache - 2.0.50 (Installed as part of Linux installation, not seperately)
    Mandriva Linux
    I'll email that httpd.conf file to you.

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    internal vs external (public) ips...

    The basic problem is that the outside world will never see a 192.x.x.x address... it is not a "public" IP.

    what you need to do is to go to something like "" from your server to see what the external address is for that box.

    the issue here is that your router has an IP address, it is the public address... the router is allowing you to have many computers connect via your single internet connection by using a DHCP type IP addressing scheme... it is doling out 192.?.?.? addresses to your internal computers, and is doing "NAT" (network address translation) for those computers so that they can all chat via the one (I'm guessing) IP on your router.

    so if you get this IP (from the site) and then try to hit that to get to your web page, it may work... then again, not sure how your router is set for inbound routing... you may need to setup a routing table...

    Hope this begins to clear the muddy waters...

    - Will

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    I had the same issue and it turned out that my ISP blocked port 80 for incoming requests(even though they denied it). I changed it to use port 1910 (They blocked 8080 and 8000) and it worked fine. Might be worth a shot just to rule out that.

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    Re: I tried

    Quote Originally Posted by sixfoottallrabbit
    I tried this but it didn't work, it works when I try and go to it but not when others do. Have I done this correctly:

    In the /etc/hosts file: localhost sftrhost
    And in the httpd.conf file:
    ### Main Configuration Section
    ### You really shouldn't change these settings unless you're a guru
    ServerType standalone
    ServerRoot /etc/httpd
    #ServerName sftrhost
    #LockFile /etc/httpd/httpd.lock
    PidFile /var/run/
    ScoreBoardFile /etc/httpd/httpd.scoreboard
    ErrorLog logs/error_log
    LogLevel warn
    ResourceConfig /dev/null
    AccessConfig /dev/null
    DocumentRoot /var/www/html
    Whats wrong?
    sftrhost is a local hostname, nothing that anybody else could ever resolve via DNS.

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