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    Explain how to config SAMBA in "simple" ???

    Could someone assist me trying to get samba running, in "simple" as opposed to "techno geek" ?

    I've done various searches of multiple resources but am "banging my head against a brick wall"!

    They all seem to expect considerable "prior knowledge", that I just don't have. Plus, most of the docs (even linked stuff from leave me very confused.

    I understand that there are graphic configuration facilities, which have led me to install webmin, but without some sort of "start button", I'm lost.

    My aim? well, I want to be able to print and share some files (and get at copies of the fonts in my laptop ) from my laptop, to my main box, which runs Mandriva (oops, nearly typed mandrake there ) 2005LE. It has my inkjet printer connected via parallel, also my laser printer is connected via my network hub.

    I would like the facilities to start at boot time, but if possible, so that my partner can disconnect the laptop, use it at work and then print anything off when she gets home (we can't afford a portable printer).

    I don't know if thats asking too much?

    As I say, I've installed Samba, Samba client, Swat, and some other related packages, along with webmin, but as I can't even get webmin to start, I'm a bit lost amongst the plethora of shares, smb.confs, workgroups, users, etc etc I suspect that you "get the picture".

    Any assistance would be much appreciated.



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    The thing that messed me up was the firewall which was stopping Samba from working as it should.

    If you can pick up a book.

    There's a few things you need to get it working.

    * configure smb.conf either manually or through swat
    * make sure your firewall is setup correctly to allow samba's ports (or disabled - not recommended)
    * if you have "security = user" in smb.conf, you need to setup your users. You'll need to use smbpasswd to add the user on the linux machine. Use the same username and password as to what the windows user uses to logon to the computer.
    security = share is a lot less security and slightly easier to implement
    * configure samba to automatically start up. If samba is in the default localtion, you can manually start it by doing . . .
    # /usr/local/samba/bin/smbd -D
    # /usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd -D
    To configure it to start automatically you need to edit inetd or xinetd

    Simple smb.conf would look like this
    workgroup = myworkgroup
    encrypt passwords = yes
    security = user
    comment = test share
    path = /tmp/local/samba/tmp
    read only = no
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