Hello to all, before all i write from italy so sorry for my bad english, and thank to this nice forum to exist.
I got big problem with a program (under windozz), that need a server with SQL, old version use NT, an i m happy about NT, but with new release, I must change, and commercial said: you must have windowzz 2003. I just answered that i want install LINUX server, with MYSQL, but they say "if is not Win the DB not work, must be it".

My dubts are:
- Is possible that programm see if DB is LINUX or WIN (i m very newbie about linux, the name of db are MYSLQ and MSSQL?)?
- They says that programm work with win and also oracle, but if oracle is in linux, NO.
- Is a way for work in Linux also if I musted use Win Servers?

I really ll love if i can install linux, because i belive are very superior of micro$oft products.

Thanks to all
Bye, Davide