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    I think he's saying to prefix the file you want to access remotely with two backslashes and the name of the machine the file is on, followed by another slash. For instance, to access file fred in directory (ahem, folder) \temp on machine stanley, use the filename "\\stanley\temp\fred".

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    ok....thanks for the clear up
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    I tried typing \\computer name in the adress bar and windows told me the computer didnt exist, and to try start/search to find the computer.
    I done that, actually start/find/computer, and typed in my computer name, again windows told me it didnt exist. So i tried *.* in the search field, and my computer showed up (my suse computer, still cant see the knoppix one) but when i click on my computer it found, it again tells me the computer does not exist or could not be found, so windows found my computer, then tells me it isnt there lol. This is driving me crazy lol. So here is where im at now,

    pc1 (suse) can only see itself in the network

    pc2 (knoppix) can see itself and pc3, and access all files on pc3

    pc3 (win9 can see pc1 thru search, but cant access it, and it sees itself

    I found another samba guide on the web today, i printed it out and am going to read thru it today. I must be stumbling on something easy, I cant believe this is giving me so much trouble.

    Thanks for all who have tried to help me!
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