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    I am a newbie when it comes to Linux. I am however a network engineer by trade so im not the total newbie to computers or networks. I currently have a few servers, exchange, AD DC, WEB, FILE, and an App server running. They are all running on Windows 2k or 2003. I am sooooo done with Microsoft. I want to move all of there to Linux platforms. I got a few books and have been doing some reading but I have a few questions that maybe you guys can help me with.

    1. Is there a difference between the "Server" Linux OS and the Client OS? Can I run Suse 9.2 on all of these boxes and get good results?

    2. Is there an "Exchange" type program for Linux, and if so my main requirement is that it has shared calendars. If not is there any Linux software that will hook into exchange and allow me to share a calendar with other exchange users?

    3. What is the best web server? Apache? Also being new to Linux as well as Apache, where can I find some really easy step by step stuff to set it up. I kind of just want to be able to copy my web sites (about 5) from the IIS box to the Apache box and be done with it. Is that possible or am I shooting to high

    4. Can I have a Linux box act as a Domain controller, or do I need to at all if I have no Windows boxes left on my network? Is there a Linux equivalent to the Windows Active directory?

    5. I want to set up FTP/File sharing. What’s my best bet? Again I have about 1.2 TB of stuff, so I kind of just want to be able to get the data off the old machine to the new FTP server and be done with it. Currently the data is on a Spanned windows drive, covering about 4 HD's. I also have it backed up to another drive.

    6. I heard somewhere I can run windows inside of Linux. This would be great for my app server. I do have some apps that won’t run on Linux. I would like to keep them, but run them within Linux. Is this possible?

    Any other related info you think I may need would be much appreciated. Thanks


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    The client OS can be used as a server and does come with everything to turn it into a server. I cant see their being a problem with using it as a server platform as well as a desktop. you might want to check out openxchange at which is a replacement for exchange there are two versions one is the commercial version which you have to pay for and the other is free.

    I use apache what you want to do should be easy to do cant name any sites i have a few books but its not hard to do.

    You will need to use samba for domain controller etc all user stuff you should be able to do through that

    ftp is easy to set up if your using suse its all done through yast2

    i ithink you use vmware so that you can run windows in linux which apps do you want to run as you might be able to replace them easily with linux alternatives such as open office etc

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