I am running the redhat linux 9 and using the command as following to map Windows Storage 2003.
mount -t smbfs -o username=<username>,password=<passwd> //<ip address>/share /mntpoint

It is successful to map between linux and Windows but recently Windows happen the refuse connection on it when I check the linux host, the mounting still there and once I restart windows then I can read/write file to the directory without remount on linux site(that time still mounting). Before I restart windows, I can't ls the file in that directory on linux, it reply the error message as LS: Stale file handle. but mounting is still there by issueing command mount.

Again the problem happens almost a week a time, it means after I restart windows then a week later I need to restart again, otherwise connection refuge by windows.

Is there any thing I can do in the windows site?

Could anybody tell me what is the happening? Please advise me........