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    apache2 forward proxy requesting invalid IP address

    I tried to configured apache2 as a vanilla forward proxy server. It seems to be trying to request pages from the real site on the internet but according to the error.log file it always requests a connection to, which times out, although the name of the real site is also in the error message.

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    It's not resolving the DNS.. Do you have a valid DNS server in /etc/resolv.conf?

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    apache2 forward proxy requesting invalid IP address

    Yes, normal web browsing that bypasses the proxy server and goes directly to the internet correctly fetches pages.

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    You probably need to specify to the proxy what the IP of the DNS server you use, if you don't have an internal DNS server then you should you the one your ISP has allocated you. If on Windows do "nslookup" in command prompt and it should give you the IP of the DNS. In Linux you can type "dig" in a shell of your choice and you should see the IP near the bottom where is says "SERVER:" but obviously this will only work if the machine has had it already set-up.
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    apache2 forward proxy requesting invalid IP address

    Changing the /etc/resolve.conf to use some other nameservers corrected the problem. There have been problems with the default nameservers from this ISP before. What actually showed that this was the problem area was that I added a few hardcoded IP addresses for websites into /etc/hosts and those sites worked perfectly fine.

    Thanks for the help.

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