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Thread: Samba questions

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    Samba questions


    I know Samba has been discussed alot before but I want to ask more specific questions.

    basicly my network has a Linux server running Redhat ES AS 3.0, a server running windows 2003 as my Primary domain controller (active directory)

    I want the linux machine as my file server.

    in the past the windows 2003 server is my file server and in a logon script I have a line that maps the users folder on the server in there my computer.


    I want the linux server as the new file server as it has more room and its raid 5 instead of mirroring. but I need Samba to be setup so that when a user logs into the windows network on there windows pc they will get there network share without having to enter an additional user ID and password for the linux machine.

    right now say I am loged in to the windows pc and authenticated on the PDC and I try to access the linux server.. \\linuxmachine1\$username for examle it works but it asks me for a user id and password so I need to use a valid account that is on the linux machine.

    well sorry for the lenght of this post but figured better to be clear

    thank you


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    Try to set

    security = SERVER
    password server = NT_PDC
    in your smb.conf. This will force samba to validate userid/passwd pairs on another server. If you point the directive "password server" to your domain controler, the fileserver should do authenticate against it, and it should be what you want.

    Check "man smb.conf" for "security = server" or "security = domain" (useful if you have more domain controllers).

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