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    some help regarding servers please?


    I want to setup a website and i would love to host it via a linux webserver. Im not entirely sure if I understand the process and wanted some help. This is my understanding currently:

    a) register a domain name

    b) create a webserver that hosts the files in the /var/www/html (or similar directory depending on version).

    Now i become less sure of what i need to do. I know there needs to be a DNS server that tells people when they type in to go to the IP of the computer that is hosting my files, but do I need to create a DNS server? Is the company that I register a domain with going to have a DNS server that I can simply forward to the IP of my webserver?

    Also, if I have multiple computers setup at home that are routed, I dont need to buy a seperate IP for the webserver do I?

    I hope someone can help. Ive tried looking at tutorials etc online but I havent been able to figure it out.


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    You got part of it down:)

    1) domain-name
    2) web server, e.g. apache
    3) DNS

    Now, from what I have found, most places that sell you a domain name either don't or charge you extra for adding DNS records. I got my domain names at GoDaddy and they park them for you and even give you a forwarding service (basically using frames to connect to your host machine).

    I have also used for domain names and they have a service for $5 a year called DirectDNS that allows you to add your IP address to their server, which means when is typed in, the DNS server translates that out to your IP, which is your home computer running the webserver.

    Sounds like you pretty much understand that too. Now, to answer your question, NO, you don't need your own DNS server, but you do need to find some sort of DNS service so you can add a record to point to your home IP. I use, which is free, although I did give them a donation. That allows me to add DNS entries and works quite well. There are other services out there if you look, but I think this one is good.

    That should help!
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