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    how to set up web server on Red hat linux 8

    hi i 'm new to linux. i looked some document...from red hat sites..They say there is " Http Configuration Tool" in "Server setting" menu..But i did see any tool like that. i just see" Service"..So what can i do now to set up a server. If there is no such tool, do i have to set up server in the command promt..And any one show me how do i know i have apache installed yet..And how to set up..Thanks

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    What version of Redhat is it that you have?

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    you may not have installed the redhat configuration tools - check if you have apache installed by

    (Redhat pre 8.0)
    rpm -q apache

    (Redhat 8.0+)
    rpm -q httpd

    that will tell you the version of redhat you have installed, or if it returns nothing apache is not installed, then you need to go get it. It's somewhere in the redhat CD"s or im lazy and go to search for the name matching your version (apache or httpd), download the RPM and install it. (rpm -ivh filename.rpm)

    you will probably need to edit the config file
    and change

    otherwise when you start apache (service apache start OR service httpd start) apache would say unable to determine name and bomb out

    Quiet brain, or I\'ll stab you with a Q-tip.

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