I am completely stuck Heres the deal I had a scrap 200 siting around that I thought I would use as a ftp/ts/vpn server. I have everything set up except for the VPN and I think openswan is set up right using certs (some clients seem to be able to connect but I haven't found a decent only ipsec cert client for xp) but I'm having problems with the l2tp, I tried l2tpd but it didn't work and since l2tpns was available I decided that that might be desirable with free radius as I am also running a wireless network and thought about moving away from WEP,etc. What I'm really looking for is directions to some sort of how to of sorts as I am somewhat of a noob. I looked through nate carlson's and jaccoDe......'s page. but they are both centered on lt2pd and I couldn't get that to work any which way (I also noticed that neither openswan or l2tpns show up when I run netstat -ant Is that the way it's supposed to be)