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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard_The_Lionhearted
    Quote Originally Posted by serz
    Pentium MMX 200Mhz / 64mb RAM / 4gb HD
    Cool. I was worrying that nobody uses old boards anymore. This gives me a bit of hope. By the way is that the highest CPU you're board can take. Because if it is a CyrixMX pr200 would be much better for a server. This is because Cyrix beat Intel with it's PR200 and were know for being good for business machines. But they had a low FPU(which is used in gaming) which made Intel more popular.
    Yeah, I think so.. I don't mind anyway. It works fine, I've been having problems with the power supply only.
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    My server is me sig.. Painfully slow, but it works. I'll be getting a mates old Athlon XP 1800+ box when he gets a new machine though.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    AMD k6 500mhz
    128mb ram
    80gig hard drive

    uses debian

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    I was recently lucky enough to inherit a local web-development company's old webserver.

    Dual PIII 550s, dual 256mb Rambus sticks, came with SCSI and whatnot. I had to supply the HDD, so it's just an ATA 40gb. But my friend, whos a PC-tech, gave that to me anyway, from a client's old computer. It's all in a pretty sweet rackmountable server case.

    More than enough for me. Too bad I'm still living with my parents for the next couple of months, and there's nowhere to hook it up

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    My boxes

    I am a M$ Network Admin who is tired of their BS, I am new to Linux but will master it.

    The serve is left over from an upgrade we had a my company, picked it up cheap.

    The Workstation is peiced from spare parts.

    Supermicro Dual Xeon
    CPU: single 1.5 GHz Xeaon
    MEM: 2X256 Rambus
    HD: 2X36Gb Seagate SCSI
    Vid: ATI 7000

    Gigabyte AMD
    CPU: Athelon 2600
    MEM: 1X512 DDR
    HD: 1X80GB Mator IDE
    VID: NVidia Gfx5200

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    Server 1: IBM netfinity 7000 M10 with four Xeon 400's with 1meg of Cache each. 5.2gigs of ram, 4x36gig U160 10k rpm drives on a Raid controller that has 32 megs of battery backed up Cache. (using them in Raid 5)

    Server 2: Proliant 1850R dual PIII 500's with 512megs of ram and 2 18.2 gig u160's 10krpm in a Mirror (this one don't need storage but needs redundancy)


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    Look at me sig! This is a really coolio machine, it used to be my main machine but i upgraded to a pentium 4 3.2.. so new everything!

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    3 servers in cluster {
    Dual-Xeon 3.2 Ghz with HyperThreading, 2 MB cache
    4 gb Ram
    1 Terrabyte RAID 0+1
    2 Gigabyte cards
    Gentoo Linux SATA 2005.0

    My servers at home:

    Backup server{
    1.6 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM.
    500 Gb SATA Raid 0+1
    Gentoo 2005.0

    Testing stuff server{
    AMD 2800+
    1 Gb RAM
    520 GB HD SATA
    Radeon 9600 Pro 128 mb
    Gentoo 2005.0

    333 Mhz Celeron
    64 Mb RAM
    3 Gb HD
    gentoo linux 1.4

    32 Mb RAM
    2x 500 Mb HD
    Windows 3.1 (I'm looking for putting Gentoo)
    will be connected with parralel port to a control pannel to control devices in my home. I'll use Home Electrical Device Control HOWTO from Rui Li

    That's all..

    Ah, at work, we've got a SunFire V880 with 64 Gb RAM , 8x 900 Mhz Sparc , 480 Gb Raid.


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    Server at home is a

    sempron 2200
    256 meg of ram
    40 gig HD
    120 gig HD
    freebsd (moving it to debian)
    in a shuttle case

    Server at place im working at tempoarly

    opetron @ 1600mhz
    gig of ecc ram
    4 250 gig HD in raid 1+0
    40 gig OS HD with debian
    adaptec sata controler

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