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    Last week I managed set up a basic webserver and now its not working

    I would really appreciate someones help.

    Last week I managed set up a basic webserver using Fedora Core 3 and Apache. In my wisdom I decided to install Fedora Core 4 and Apache using the same settings I did in Fedora Core 3 and guess what its not working now lol. I would like to know where I am going wrong or there is anything else I need to set up again. This is my set up I hope it is clear enough and I am sure this is what I did last time when it worked.

    1) I have registered a domain name at inside the control panel the domain name is pointing at my wan ip address.
    I have checked my ip against the one and they are both the same.

    2) Apache has been started and is running when I enter in my browser it takes me to the default Apache page.

    Inside my http.conf I have set listen to I have saved this stopped Apache and restarted Apache

    I have not changed anything else in the http.conf file apart from this.

    3) I have set my router to forward on port 80 to the ipaddress of this machine which is

    4) I have turned off SELINUX whatever this is, excuse my ignorance im still learning Linux

    5) My firewall is enabled in Fedora

    6) I have been to a few websites to scan my ports and they are all saying that Port 80 is open which means my IP is not blocking it.

    7) I have set up my hosts file and added the line

    Last week the above set up worked a treat, when I asked people to test my domain name they where being taken to default Apache page. I also checked my Apache logs and saw the different IP addresses.

    Nothing works this time around. I cannot understand where I am going wrong. Your help and advice would be really appreciated. Am I missing something out here.

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    Is your DynDNS name Because that doesn't exist.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    sorry it is my mistake

  4. $spacer_open
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    Hang on I might have seen where I am going wrong here. I think I have been giving out thw wrong address I am such a plank.

    Could you try

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    hehe, that one works a treat.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    Thank you very much for your help. This is the second time I have set up a basic server now. This time I am going to write down what I did and not lose it and also list what I need to look out for.

    Mission accomplished!!!

    My next mission will be to install PHP and get MYSQL running, then I can test my scripts across the network without having to FTP to my webhosts all the time.

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    PHP is pretty simple, thankfully.. Good luck with MySQL however, I've never got my head around it.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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